TekkitRestrict Dev builds

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1.21 Dev 3 (b3)

  • Fixed FlyHack triggering instantly on certain occasions.
  • Fixed forcefieldhack triggering when you mine Nether ores.
  • Fixed forcefieldhack triggering when you hit a player with arrows from the archangel's smite.
  • Fixed bug with config files slightly spamming warnings.
  • Moved the craftinglistener over so it is not registered if you have disabled noitem.
  • 1.21 Dev 2 (b2)

  • Added database transferring from SQLite to MySQL and vice versa
  • Fixed updater causing slight delay in startup sequence
  • Added warnings messages if settings are missing in the config files.
  • Added /tr warnings db
  • Added more message functionality to TMetrics
  • 1.21 Dev 1 (b1)

  • Added EEPatchConfig class for upgrading
  • Updated config to 1.7 if you are using EEPatch
  • Fixed bug where not all config files would be updated.
  • Removed unused listeners for EEPatch integration
  • Added TransmutionTablet and Philosopher's Stone blocking.
  • Slightly updated the EEPatch.config.yml
  • Updated EEPSettings and EEAssigner
  • Switched from using ordinals to using the actual EEAction.
  • Fixed potential problems with the config upgrader if it contained double quotes within the quotes.

  • I cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or other computer related problems caused by or by using TekkitRestrict.
  • You are not allowed to distribute TekkitRestrict

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    Note that these versions are development builds. They can have unknown problems.
    TekkitRestrict - v1.21_Dev3_b3
    TekkitRestrict - v1.21_Dev2_b2
    TekkitRestrict - v1.21_Dev1_b1