FixPack Plugin v1.0
FixPack v0.6_b5
FixPack v0.5_b4
FixPack v0.4_b3
FixPack v0.3_b2
FixPack v0.2_b1

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0.6 (b5)

  • Fixed more bugs with REP's
  • Improved some more stuff
  • 0.5 (b4)

  • Changed some NEI messages.
  • Made NEI permissions register so permission plugins will handle them correctly.
  • Fixed weaponsmod weapons sometimes throwing errors in the console.
  • Upgraded the ComputerCraft fix to add a random string to the fix. This makes it harder to circumvent it.
  • Fixed bug where REP's can crash the server when thrown at a certain angle.
  • 0.4 (b3)

  • Changed NEI gamemode change message slightly
  • Made NEI save-states less spammy
  • Added the fixpack version in the title of the program
  • 0.3 (b2)

  • Fixed NEI permissions not working properly
  • Fixed NEI notify permissions
  • Added alot of NEI notify messages (for healing, enchanting, save-states, clearing inventories, enabling magnet mode, etc.)
  • 0.2 (b1)

  • Made WeaponsMod weapons call Damage Events to prevent them from bypassing no PVP zones. (b-4)